Discover together

Odell sees every opportunity to share his work as a way to learn more. Get to know Odell and be a part of his story.

Keynote Speaker

With emphasis on resilience in inner-city education, autonomy for marginalized learners, and social psychological issues in education, Odell speaks as a proponent of change and not as a musician.

Research Presentation

Odell looks to share his knowledge and find new ways to build upon traditional methods of teaching music.

Music Workshop

Odell builds a better future for music and education by giving educators the tools they need to lead in and out of the classroom.

Guest Choral Conductor Presentation

As a leader himself, Odell takes the stage as a conductor and puts his inspirational message into his actions.

Music Performance

From the stage, Odell’s inspiring message of knowledge, diversity, and equity can be heard even louder

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